Falling into Fall 🍂 New Arrivals for September


The LONE RANGER Rides Again. An enduring icon of American Culture, we took inspiration from the radio turned TV show of the '50s featuring the Masked Man, Tonto, and Trigger to create our Limited edition capsule of embellished vintage denim and chainstitch patches. Each original piece was designed and developed by our East Coast chainstitch partner exclusively for Dixon Rand. From Tonto's Headress to the Silver Bullets, the Legend of the Lone Ranger has been captured in an artistic interpretation. 


While the origin of the story surrounding the Lone Ranger is disputed, it is believed the character's historical inspiration was Bass Reeves, the first black deputy marshal west of the Mississippi River. Reeves' career as a lawman is documented, and he was widely known and celebrated in his time. Many similarities between Reeves and the Lone Ranger have been cited (wearing disguises, having a Native American partner, riding a white and grey horse, giving out silver keepsakes, possessing legendary marksmanship and horsemanship). Many of the characteristics of the romanticized Lone Ranger were presented in the 2006 Reeves' biography, Black Gun, Silver Star written by historian Art T. Burton.

The LONE RANGER Rides Again. Hi-Yo, Silver.....