Dixon Rand was founded by an apparel industry veteran and an emerging fashion designer with the premise that the clothing we wear is an expression of our individuality. From an initial handshake that led to a unique collaborative effort, Dixon Rand is a partnership of design and marketing expertise with a specific emphasis on craftsmanship. 

It all started as a conversation in 2013. We were discussing how denim, a staple in most wardrobes, was quickly becoming a part of every fashion right conversation. Raw denim (the takes a year to break in type), vintage denim from heritage brands like Levi's and Lee, and designer denim embellished to the nines. And then the debate about quality garments vs. speed to market scaling. The conversations evolved into stories and dreams about a brand that embraced the beauty of truly inspired products crafted with specific attention to detail. A brand with items developed as part of a lifestyle in contrast to traditional seasonal product driven collections. Over time, the ability to personalize and truly create unique, personalized one of a kind pieces was added as the Range Tailor concept was introduced. 

Abe Cornely 


An independent and individual spirit, The freedom of the open road, Unwavering respect for craftsmanship and quality, A love of unique vintage textiles, A deep respect for the Western spirit.  Each Dixon Rand garment tells a story….there is A Story in Every Stitch.