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 Santa Fe

KAT SCHILKE - Santa Fe, N.M. 

It's no surprise that an amazing society of artisans reside in Northern New Mexico. The mix of cultures, the beauty of the topography, the amazing weather, and the interesting way things get done makes this a natural spot for creatives to live and thrive. Kat Schilke is one of those individuals who takes that energy and creativity and translates it into beautiful items crafted from found and sourced textiles. With an emphasis on African Indigo and Mudcloth, Kat has become the 'Indigo  Queen' with her skillful manipulation of material into a unique piece of Art to Wear.


From the minute you meet Kat, you know there is something interesting and unique about her. She'll tell you about what's going on in town, ask you what you're loving on 'the gram', and help connect you with anyone in the local community you can imagine. What you'll need to wait and find out in time is that she's an amazing cook, has worked as a furrier, and that she's a mom to a couple of adorable dogs and one adopted cat (who are her Studio assistants by the way).

The adobe studio Kat resides in is a wonderland of Western Trinkets, beads, buttons, and of course Indigo Textiles. Every corner and drawer is full of exquisite bits and pieces that she's collected over her lifetime. All are treasures waiting to be incorporated into 'the next' amazing piece that is probably already halfway in process. 

Kat Studio  

Each Indigo Serape and Shawl has one of a kind stitch work added or attached. Very similar to the Japanese boro or sashiko technique, these collectibles are an exercise in the art of hand stitched craftsmanship very seldom practiced any more.  

 Santa Fe ShawlIkat Serapes

We are honored to present an ongoing collection created especially for Jane Rand Collection by Kat Schilke. Each piece is one of a kind, designed and artisan crafted in the American Southwest.



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