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It is with great honor and respect that we introduce the Artist Series in 2022. Dixon Rand has collaborated with select artists, each skilled in their respective discipline, to create unique items for us that showcase creativity and exceptional quality. With a commitment to products designed and crafted in the U.S.A., each individual tells a story of the entrepreneurial spirit we so embrace and cherish. Each piece in our very limited edition capsule collections is a one of a kind collectible. Shop the collection HERE


Artist Series II features the work of Scott Michael Horn aka The Unsaddled. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Scott is a skilled technician in leather artistry and his creations express his love for an intricate process. From the minute one enters Scott's atelier, it is apparent that this is no 'Maker' but rather an individual who embodies the true love of his craft. With tools inherited from his grandfather, a variety of luxury pieces including belts, scarf slides, and cuffs are crafted one at a time. Custom dyes add to the unique sensibility of each design which all tell a Story of their own. Scott's art school training is reflected in his styles inspired by architecture and the beauty of his natural surroundings. We are proud to showcase the work of The Unsaddled with a collection of exclusive releases. Each piece in our first collaboration embodies the Spirit of the West and is a nod to unique talent and skill combined with the fearlessness of artistic expression.  




The Unsaddled
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