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Muchacho Vintage- Southwest Nostalgia Deep in their Hearts  July 2020

As a brand rooted in the love and celebration of the American West, we've always been fascinated with the nostalgia tied to the 1900s. Tourist jewelry from the Fred Harvey era, 60's signage embraced by the Hospitality Industry, and Souvenir Ts from the 80s. So when we were introduced to  Muchacho Vintage via mutual acquaintances, we knew right away that a kindred spirit existed between our brands. From our travels through the Southwest and the love of Santa Fe, to the iconography we're both obsessed with (Thunderbirds, Roadrunners, Smokey the Bear), an instant connection was made.

Addy and Cam are the dynamic duo behind Muchacho Vintage. In digging a little deeper, we found out that Addy (originally from a small Appalachian town) started shopping for vintage clothing in high school as a way to create a personal wardrobe that was unique and affordable. In college, he supplemented his coffee shop income by reselling thrifted clothes at a Vintage Market in Virginia. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, he moved to Austin, Texas where the business is currently located. With the encouragement and suppport from his partner Cam, he started picking and selling more at markets and on Instagram. 

The positive feedback Addy & Cam received regarding their social media posts and market setups encouraged them to continue to expand their brand. Muchacho Vintage donates a portion of their profits of any indigenous made product to various organizations such as the NARF (Native American Rights Fund) Seeding Sovereignty and the McKinley Mutual Aid Fund which is supporting the communites in the Southwest being hit exceptionally hard by Covid-19. Despite the challenges, 2020 has been a great year for the company. Muchacho branded merch has also become part of the assortment with some fantastic T's already in circulation (like the Rascal Bandit T shirt with artwork designed by Taylor Rushing). We're excited to know these amazing humans and can't wait to see what they have in store for us...Stay Tuned!


Martin Mattox - A Modern Mercantile  May 2020

This past December, our friend Linda shared a story over lunch about her trip to Northern California. Her highlight was a stop at a boutique located in Auburn, a small town north of Sacramento. She described the experience at Martin Mattox as magical and encouraged us to learn more about what they were doing. A few phone calls later I connected with Tim Arbogast, half of the dynamic duo who founded the shop. We made an instant connection and spent almost an hour sharing stories and making plans to continue our dialogue and see if a collaborative effort in the future made sense. 

 Martin Mattox is best described as a Modern Mercantile. Not just a fancy name for a Vintage Store but rather a space that invites you to explore and stay a while. Beautiful curated displays with products sourced from small California companies and Bay Area Flea Markets are found throughout the shop. The selection of apparel, accessories, and home goods reflects artistic sensibility while being very familiar. It comes as no surprise that Tim and Linda have a strong foundation in Interior Design and have brought that to their business. What began as an inclusion in a Vintage Mall in the Bay area led to the stand alone location in Auburn located in a building straight out of a Wild West movie.

Fast forward to March and our conversations continued. And then....well we all know what happened mid-March...the time was right to combine our creative thoughts in a collaborative effort. The result is a very well  thought out product developed with the aesthetic of both brands in mind. A lifestyle-focused item for men and women that reflects conciousness and quality. Every step from the garment color to type of screen ink to label design was agreed to by both teams and we feel the end result speaks for itself. Dixon Rand is proud to partner with Martin Mattox on our first collaborative launch together. Available in the Webshop and at martinmattox.com.