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Bandana- Mountains

The perfect (and obligatory) Western Accessory. Created by Last Chance Textiles, this bandana's design was inspired by the historical Quilt Pattern 'Delectable Mountains'. In the book Pilgrim’s Progress, the delectable mountains represent both hope and fear to the traveler. They are a sign that the destination is close, yet hold dangerous falls should a pilgrim stray from the path. A very pertinent message for the times we live in. 

One of the most versatile pieces you'll purchase...wear as a neck scarf, use as a statement piece on your bag or backpack, tie around your hair, frame on the wall, (we could go on forever). Soft organic cotton dyed with a turquoise and red print. Available in limited quantities. 


-100% Washed Cotton (certified organic)

-Finished size 22" x 22" 

-Made in the U.S.A.