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Bandana- Postcards from Baja

It's one of our favorite pieces of the season, featuring artwork by Dolan Geiman. Tucked in Agave & Prickly Pear succulents are Southwestern Birds and a baby Bobcat. Bordered by a printed mosaic. We're proud to be working with Fringe Scarves and adding their amazing Silk Bandanas and Wild Rags to our collection. A Texas based company with the slogan,'Stick Your Neck Out and Tie One On', these are wearable art pieces that will elevate any outfit. 

One of the most versatile pieces you'll purchase...wear as a neck scarf, use as a statement piece on your bag or backpack, tie around your hair, frame on the wall, (we could go on forever). Available in limited quantities. 


-100% Silk

-Finished size 26" x 26" (Oversized Bandana)

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