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Bandana- Woodland Night's Tale

Inspired by Chaucer’s ‘The Knight’s Tale’, the 'scene' is set on a winter’s night beneath the moon where our furry & feathered friends gather to tell secrets of nature’s wonder. The celestial moon lights up the woodland, illuminating a young vixen and doe. The joyful song of robins and magpies call to the rest of the woodland creatures to gather for a magical Night’s Tale. 

One of the most versatile pieces you'll purchase...wear as a neck scarf, use as a statement piece on your bag or backpack, tie around your hair, frame on the wall, (we could go on forever). Available in limited quantities. 


-Recycled 'Silky' Poly

-Finished size 28" x 28" (Oversized Bandana)

-Hand Wash

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