Field Blanket- California Poppy

Created for anytime you're ready to explore and need a ground cover or extra bit of warmth. Inspired by the Korean War US Army Wool Blanket (as a fun fact our family heritage includes a grandfather who was the Navel Commander of the Pacific fleet during the Korean conflict) - all US troops were issued a wool blankets as part of their field gear. The soldiers would see the blankets for the first time during boot camp. They were widely distributed in all bases and in the battle field. Some of the blanket variations included the use of different colors. The letters U.S. were applied to the center of most blankets using black ink (we've taken creative license and used the Chain Stitch machine to add 'CA').

Crafted from a lightweight dark green deadstock wool blend, the Field Blanket is bias tape bound and accented with either a Golden Poppy or Trout. Perfect for your weekend getaways or use as a Bedcover. A generous size but rolls up well for storage or travel.


- Measures 72" x 59"

- Deadstock Wool/Nylon Blend (soft hand)

- Made in the U.S.A.

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