Chain Stitch Patch- Vera, Queen of the Rodeo

A Chain Stitch Embroidery Patch from the Women of the West collection. Vera McGinnis was a champion Rodeo Rider in the 20s, traveling throughout the Western US and Hawaii. She frequently acted in Hollywood as a stunt double and in particular had a role in the 1931 film, Cimarron. She is considered a fashion pioneer as she was the first woman to wear pants instead of a split skirt during a rodeo performance. 

Crafted withold  world stitch techniques using a 100 year old vintage machine. The bandana is accented with hand embroidered details. Trick out your jacket OR use multiple patches to create your own composition...go crazy! Create your own designer look with an easy iron on application (add outline sewing for a more permanent application). White, tan, red, and and black on white scrim felt. Due to the handmade nature of this item, all pieces will vary slightly.


-Measures 9"w x 10"h

-Iron-on Patch

-Made in the U.S.A.