Chain Stitch Patch Set- Only You

The long standing message tied to  Smokey Bear, 'Only You' speaks to the importance of fire prevention and fire safety awareness. 

Hand crafted using a 100 year old vintage chainstitch machine. These patches use old world techniques to create a truly unique item. A set of 2  words allows you to stack OR split and place on opposing yokes.Trick out your jacket OR use multiple patches to create your own composition...go crazy! Create your own designer look with an easy iron on application (add outline sewing for a more permanent application). Blue embroidery on white scrim felt. Due to the handmade nature of this item, all pieces will vary slightly.


-Sold as a Set of 2 

-Measures approx 6" l x 3.5" h

-Iron-On Patches

-Made in the U.S.A


Size Guide