Necklace- Hand Carved Bone Feather

Symbolizing trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom, feathers have strong symbolism in the Native American community. Once a Native American receives a feather he must take care of it, and many will hang it up in their homes. It is disrespectful to hide it away in a drawer or a closet. When given a feather to hold on to or to wear, the recipient must hold it and put it out for everyone to see. To be given one of these is to be hand picked out of the rest of the men or women in the tribe - it’s like getting a gift from a high official.

Carved from bone and hand tinted each one-of-a-kind style utilizes materials hand picked and strung with semi-precious beads  28" long.

Created in the Southwest exclusively for Jane Rand by Crowheart Jewelry. The artist's work is best decribed in her own words, ' I like to evoke the feeling of an ancient relic; a piece long forgotten then suddenly revealed. Many of the symbols and materials I use have been in existence for hundreds of years. I use bronze and copper metals as these have always been associated with power and healing. The symbols and talismans incorporated into my designs remind us we are one people, one tribe. I am honored to be able to carry on such an old tradition'.


-One of a Kind

-28" necklace with a 3.5" attached bone feather

-Shipped in a Jewelry Bag

-Handcrafted in the Southwest