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Range Bandana- Be Brave Indigo Cowboy Scarf

Be Brave! Glamorized by Hollywood as the 'Bandit's Accessory', the Cowboy Scarf has become a wardrobe staple. This oversize scarf is a generous 36" square. Shibori dyed, embroidered, and screened with Western Icons on one edge. This one is an amazing piece of Art to Wear. Created by our friends at Jenni Earle, this one is in our personal collection.

Think of  this as the Dixon Rand version of a multitool; this piece can be used as a head band to keep your hair off your eyes when working outside, or be worn as ear muffs in cold weather. A useful sun shade while camping, or hiking; this piece can even double as a hot pad to move a hot pot from the coals at camp. Worn as obligatory face protection or just as a fashion statement, this oversize scarf is a generous 36" square. 


- An embroidered Horseshoe on one edge

-100% Cotton 

-Made in the USA