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The Cowboy- Dixon Rand Pendleton Special Edition Shirt

It's your favorite shirt and shirt jacket in one. This LIMITED edition Dixon Rand Pendleton shirt has the same favorite style elements as our original Cowboy shirt with a nod to Smokey Bear and his favorite message 'Only You'. 

We took inspiration from our favorite cowboy style and created the ultimate Western Shirt. Two front flap pockets and antique nickel snaps. Crafted in a midweight Pendleton Wool. Trim fit, long enough to tuck in and not have to worry about it coming untucked, with sleeves that don't hike up when you reached forward. But guys, LEAVE THIS ONE UNTUCKED!

Handmade from start to finish self stitching sewn on a vintage single needle machine. Black satin lined yoke. Baby rolled hem with self stitching. 


-10 oz. Pendleton Black/Red Plaid

-100% Melton Wool

-Made in the USA