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In a world of mass production, things that are hand made really stand out. As an apparel based company, we looked for a specific way to differentiate our made to order styles and create unique one-of-a-kind items. Not crazy designs or fast fashion trends but rather enhancements that made sense for customers looking to personalize, customize, and purchase products with inherent value and beauty.

Our Chainstitch designs are crafted on a 100 year old Cornely machine that is hand cranked underneath the machine head and assisted with a small motor. The stitches are either a flat chain (pretty traditional on old western garments) or a moss/chenille stitch which is a little fluffy (like a Varsity letter). A chain stitch is a series of looped stitches that form a chain like pattern (similar to crochet). The artist uses a hand crank to essentially draw the stitches. We like to mix the 2 stitches to create a 3D effect when appropriate. Each chainstitched piece is truly a labor of love.  Many take hours to complete. Meaning, each and every chainstitch design we complete (including patches) is unique; we'll never be able to replicate down to the exact stitch and stitch placement.

We have a color spectrum of threads, but not every color in the Pantone library. Sometimes, we'll blend threads (in a similar way a painter would) to create a specific color or shade. Designs created in rayon thread have a shiny look and those with wool blend are more matte. Dixon Rand embroidered embellishments are created with Rayon and Wool blend threads. 

Staying true to our brand's love for all things inspired by the American West, most of our designs are rooted in inspiration derived from Nature and Cowboy Culture. Historical references in Dixon Rand design are developed from a storytelling perspective...a nostalgic view of the West that is personal and authentic. And that is how the brand's tagline came to be; Dixon Rand is truely the STORY IN EVERY STITCH. 

To inquire about creating your own CUSTOM design, see our Chainstitch FAQs.