Something New🤠Introducing Guayaberas

A lightweight shirt that's often sheer and embroidered, scholars suggest the Guayabera shirt style made its way to Cuba through Mexico via slave traders. Cubans, on the other hand, lay claim to the story of the worker and his wife, with references to the guayabera in Cuban literature as early as the 1890s. Others state these garments originated in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Regardless of the shirts true origin, its ties to Hispanic culture, history. and society are clear. It remains a mainstay and icon of Hispanic style, with guayaberas being worn for a variety of occasions. Popularized by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and John Wayne, this is a classic style that continues to be a warm weather go-to.

The guayabera is meant to fit loosely, and untucked over trousers. Traditionally worn in white and pastel colors, the palette of the garment is now much more diverse and colorful. Black guayaberas are popular in Mexico and often considered to be part of a formal outfit as well as the traditional white/white combination often referred to as the 'Wedding Shirt'. We are excited to present a collection of Guayabera styles in colors ranging from traditional whites to embellished colors. Crafted in a cotton/linen blend with all the details you'd expect. 

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