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Camp Shirt- Short Sleeve Craft Blue

We always knew the day would come when we would find the perfect Summer Shirt that would compliment a Western Wardrobe. Enter Kardo, a brand inspired by traditional work-wear and tailoring. Utilizing traditional weaving, dying and printing techniques for their collections, the love for slow made is taken one step further by our specialized ‘ONExONE’ production where where each garment is hand-cut & sewn by a single tailor from beginning to end. 

This short sleeve camp style has an open front with corzo buttons. One single chest pocket. The sides are embellished with tasteful embroidery known as rabari. Rabari embroidery is an ancient and unique form of art originating from the Rabari tribe in India. It is used to decorate and embellish their traditional garments and accessories. This type of embroidery is done with a combination of running stitch, satin stitch, and chain stitch, and the patterns are often complex and intricate.

Perfect for warmer temperatures, best worn untucked with your favorite cargo shorts. Slightly boxy fit with squared finished hem. 


-100% Handloomed Cotton 

-Made in India



- Fits true to size; Contemporary Fit

- Lightweight non-stretchy fabric


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